"Three From 33" CD

Coming Soon


You Know Where To Go

We Can't Be Friends

Something I Can Drive


CD will feature three radio singles from the full length album

The concept for John's new album, entitled "33", originated with a birthday gift from his wife: a framed Larry Bird jersey. Aside from its obvious significance to a guy who grew up rooting for the Celtics' number 33, the gift was also a challenge to make her husband's 33rd year meaningful. Therefore, the writing of the "33" album took on a sense of purpose and weight.


In an effort to infuse the album with echoes of his own influences, John used an amp he purchased online from one of his guitar heroes, Mike Wanchic of John Mellencamp's band. "When I plugged into this amp with so much history", he says, "I knew I couldn't just write a bunch of 'hey girl' Pop songs". Having the amp in the studio caused John to dig deeper, lyrically.


"33" shows John's concern for traditional American values like autonomy, hard work and responsibility. The final song on the album, "Something I Can Drive", is a commentary on the current state of Country music. The song includes a Brett Eldredge "diss". Referring to a line in his 2017 hit, "Something I'm Good At", Brazile complains, "Brett can't change a flat. Son, what's the deal with that?"


What Brazile brings to the current conversation in Country Music is an unapologetically conservative perspective, even as he pushes the sonic bounds of what can be considered "real Country". In his song, "You Know Where To Go", he addresses dissenting Country purists, warning, "I like Country music but I like Rock 'n Roll...and if you don't like that then you know where to go".